Customer Voices

More and more people have tried and enjoyed my body products.  Below are just some of the Customer Testimonials that I have received.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the bugs. Since it rarely freezes down here, they just multiply like crazy. Whenever I go to the state park, I always use Haumea Botanicals solid lotions to keep the bugs away without that sticky feeling that comes from other products. I’ve walked through swamps and overgrown lots with this stuff and never got a single bite, not even when walking past a wasp nest. This stuff is nothing short of a miracle and anyone who spends time in the outdoors should always keep this in their supplies.

Dave in Houston

I bought the Fresh Clean solid lotion and love it. I like solid lotions because they tend to be less greasy and sticky than cream lotions and they seem to last longer. My hands chap easily in the winter and I have to keep lotion on them constantly. The bar was attractively packaged and arrived faster than expected in the mail. I only applied to my hands twice the first day and it kept my hands moisturized and soft while still leaving them dry and non-sticky to the touch. The scent is pleasant, lasting and light. Won’t overpower your perfume. I’ve been sick and my nose was in rough shape so I dabbed the lotion around my nose a couple of times and it make my nose feel much better after all the tissues and sneezing. I’m impressed. I’ll buy from Haumea Botanicals again.

Star in Atlanta

Mahalo to all my customers who write in with their comments!  I hope to have as many up here as possible, if you want your voice featured just write to

Malama Pono, Take Care!