Bewitching Mists

Bewitching Mists was created with the progressive Witch in mind. Now you can expand on an important spell or condense a labor intensive working in a single mist. For those who have small children this is yet another way that Haumea Botanicals helps you to include your little ones in the next ritual or spell/working.

Bewitching Mist Love & Spell Bar Luck, lovingly created and all hand done.

Bewitching Mists* is made with Hawai’i Water & corresponding Essential Oils to each intent listed below. Bewitching Mists comes in a 4 fl oz container with black spray nozzle.

We are currently taking large and/or wholesale orders by email for now.

Directions: Shake well. Spray 2-3 times around the self.

Safety Tips: This is for external use only.  Avoid contact in or around the eyes, or other sensitive areas.

*These sprays are not blessed or charged, we leave that open to our customers.

Bewitching Mists A-L

Bewitching Mists M-S



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