Spell Melts

Our Spell Melts are a mix of Beeswax and Essential Oils, created to provide a safe hassle free way of including the power of scent in your next ritual, spell, or even seasonal observance.

Directions: Place the Spell Melt Jar on your electric candle warmer.  Turn on your electric candle warmer and let the Spell Melt slowly liquefy.

Safety Tips: Don’t forget to periodically check on your Spell Melt.  The Spell Melt Jar gets hot so be careful when you touch it.

Spell Melt Types

Spell Melt Types

Wax Melt on an electric candle warmer.

The Spell Melts come in the same types as the Spell Bars, please go over to the Spell Bars page to see the different types.