About Us


Haumea Botanicals provides all natural non-chemical body products, because Health shouldn’t be complicated.  Our products are made to protect and perpetuate natural beauty through natural means.

Originally, I had started making body products for myself in my tiny little apartment in Tokyo.  I have never had a great history with commercial products, and I began to wonder why that was.  After checking out the back of labels I realized that 1) I couldn’t even understand what all the chemicals listed were and 2) I didn’t understand why I would need all those chemicals.  So I did my own research.  I have always been used to natural solutions.  Growing up as a Hawaiian woman on the North Shore of O’ahu , I learned that each rock, plant, animal, etc. has it’s own purpose and place.  Since I grew up learning Hawaiian remedies I started to study Western herbs and their uses.

With my background in natural simple remedies I felt comfortable branching out into other areas, learning how to make my own body scrubs, lotions, shampoos, and so on.  Once my friends began to see and smell my creations they began asking for their own.  I started making body scrubs and solid lotions for friends, each time being told that I should start my own business.  After more study and human testing (thanks to my friends for that!) I decided to go into business.

Haumea Botanicals LLC was born as soon as I got settled back home, on the North Shore of O’ahu once again.  As to the name, Haumea Botanicals, it was a difficult choice.  Haumea is one of if not The Greatest Creatrix of Hawai’i, from Her all things were Birthed, with each formula that I am inspired to create, I give thanks to Her.  Botanicals refers more directly to plants, however I felt it was appropriate since my creations have ingredients that can be easily found in or from Nature.

I hope that all of my creations here can help people who want natural ways of caring for their bodies.

Aloha a Malama Pono,

Lahela Nihipali

Creator of Haumea Botanicals LLC