Altar Sprays

Have you ever found yourself asking, what’s a simple and respectful way of Honoring my Gods that can be done daily?  Altar Sprays* are the answer.  Altar Sprays are made with Hawaii Water and Essential Oils that correspond to different purposes.  These purposes can range from practical like our Cleansing Altar Spray to devotional like our Offerings Altar Spray.

Bewitching Mist Love & Altar Spray Cleansing

We are currently taking large & wholesale orders by email only, all other orders can be done through the PayPal buttons on site.

Directions: Use the Altar Spray much the same way as when smudging, 1-2 spritzes should be enough.  Use responsibly.

Safety Tips: This is for external use only.  Avoid contact in or around the eyes.

*These sprays are not blessed or charged, we leave that open to our customers.

Altar Spray Types



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