Magickal Lines

Our Magickal Lines are part of a growing section dedicated to Witches and Pagans who want practical and suitable alternatives for their Magickal needs.  Instead of burning herbs as part of a spell, why not use a Spell Bar that you can have on the go?  Can’t burn herbs or incense in your apartment at all or have little ones?  Try our Altar Sprays; safe, just as effective, and won’t get you kicked out of your apartment.

One of the great things about our Magickal Lines is that they’re practical–with the everyday practitioner in mind.  Here at Haumea Botanicals we don’t bless or charge our Magickal products, we leave that up to the individual Witch or Pagan.  We let YOU decide how best to use our products while still providing formulas that accurately reflect the intent of the working.

For those who don’t do spellwork or aren’t a Pagan these lines are still great as aromatherapy gifts for that special someone.

Spell Bars:

The Spell Bar Line was created for those Witches and Pagans that want a practical way to put their spells in their daily lives.  These Solid Lotions have been prepared with Beeswax, Various Buters, and the Essential Oils associated with specific spell focuses. [Read More…]

Altar Sprays:

The Altar Sprays Line was created for those Witches and Pagans that want a practical and safe way to Honor their Gods and/or enhance a spell or working.  These Sprays have been prepared with Water and the Essential Oils associated with specific focuses. [Read More…]



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