For those ordering Scented Solids, they’re being made with Beeswax from eBeeHoney.com, a Family run Honey business in Ohio. You can smell and feel the difference!  Here’s just some of their information.

Glenn & Becky Magrum:

About our farm: Our farm is located in Ashland OH.  We’ve been in the honey business for 15 years now.  The first couple of years, we were selling honey to folks close to us.  As more and more folks contacted us for honey, we decided that we needed a webpage to make it easier for these folks to simply order online from us.  I design and maintain our webpage and Glenn maintains the beehives.

This is Comb Honey from the 2010 Harvest

About Us: Glenn started beekeeping full time when our daughter was born as we wanted one of us to be around for her during the day.  Glenn has a doctorate in Organic Chemistry and I have a B.S. in Biology so we both love being around bees.

The beekeeping business is hard heavy work.  However, watching bees at work is extraordinary and quite relaxing.  Watching our bees in action on a warm sunny day while walking around our property trying to determine what they are drawn to is fun to do.  Each year the taste of our honey varieties differs depending on what plants are producing the best pollen and nectar sources that year.  Sometimes on nice sunny days, we’ll be out taking supers off the hives and “playing” with the bees.)))  Or now and then someone will call with a bee swarm and off one of us must go – sort of like “beeing” a fireman.

I’d like to say a big Mahalo to Glenn and Becky.  When I started looking for a new supplier of beeswax I was nervous I’d never find a small supplier that is as reliable as large wholesalers.  My fears were put to rest once I realized how friendly and professional Glenn & Becky are.  I’m used to waiting 2-3 business days for a response that’s often times automatically generated.  This is supposed to be acceptable but in reality if the automated response doesn’t match what you need help with, another 2-3 days maybe even 1 week can be lost trying to speak to someone directly.  I had an enquiry about my order at eBeeHoney.com and in only a day they got back to me with all the information I needed, not to mention offering to help in any other questions I might have.

If you get a chance please go and check out eBeeHoney.com for all the lovely honey related products they sell.  My personal favorite is the honey sticks!