Butter Parfum

Butter Parfum is our newest most luscious line. This all natural perfume is made from the finest natural ingredients and blended in Hawaiʻi by hand. The twist-top tin is easy to carry or put in a purse but strong enough to resist damage or overheating. Kukui Nut, which is endemic to Hawaiʻi, has been known for centuries for it’s many useful properties. The Kukui Nut tree can be used for dying fabric, lighting homes, creating tattoo ink, etc. Most famously Kukui Nut was used as a body oil for the Aliʻi, or Royals.


Forest Mist Butter Parfum


The Beeswax used (in all our products) is purchased from a community of Beekeepers, located within the United States, to ensure ethical and efficient practices. This soft blend of Kukui Nut Butter & Beeswax provides a creamy base for our Essential Oil blends. These blends are created in-house, not purchased from some giant re-seller. When you receive your Butter Parfum, you know that you are not only getting an all natural non-chemical product, but you are also supporting families & small businesses.


Lavender Butter Parfum in Red Ti Leaf


We appreciate and reward your loyalty by never doing turn around sales of someone else’s products with our labels slapped on it. Each blend and potion is unique, each created here in our home and tested on our family members first before ever reaching your hands. This is what we mean when we say From our magickal home to yours.

Mahalo nui loa!