Retailer & Customer Outreach

With my products now on the shelves of Phoenix& Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia I’d like to reach out to other Pagan stores out there who might be looking for new and unique products! If you are a business owner and would like to receive a sample pack please contact me directly at or through the contact page.

Sample packs include (sample size) 2 Spell Bars, 1 Altar Spray, & 1 Bewitching Mist.

The sample pack includes the above pictured, however only in sample pack sizes. Retailers can choose the bars or sprays they would like, though so far the ones you see are most popular.
If you’re a customer and have enjoyed my products then by all means spread the word! Go to your local Pagan shop and ask about my products or share my website with them. Who knows, if you share about my products maybe you might soon find my Spell Bars or Bewitching Mists on the shelves of your favorite shop! Another way you can help is to go to the Facebook Fan Page and leave a review or comment. If you’d like to see your Voice on the website, hop over to the Contact Page and send your thoughts to me directly.