Ingredients: Artisan or fragrance specialist created?

In the world of alcoholic drinks and flying bottles, it’s innovative drinks that makes the bartender more than just ‘that person who poured my beer’. This ethic of qualiy versus obsession of person is what used to define the perfuming masters. However with the general practice of mass production and assembly line mentality the delicate ingredient mix of perfumes are now cranked out in mass quanity. This may have been a great success of the industrial age but it has been to the detriment of many perfume artisans throughout the world.

As patrons and customers who are surrounded by scented products, beauty or body related, or otherwise, we are barraged with an assault on our olfactory abilities. More often than not these volleys of smell are labeled ‘Fragrance’ with no more explanation than that. Here is an exercise for the unbelieving, go grab your favorite body and/or cosmetic products. Look at the back label of ingredients. If you’ve made the conscious choice to support companies who use natural products you’ll find that the essential oils, etc. used to create, smell are generally listed. If you support larger companies who as yet still try to outwit Nature you’ll notice only the word ‘Fragrance’ or chemical derivations.

As a consumer you have the unique opportunity to show your support or lack thereof with every single penny that you put into purchasing a product. This article doesn’t seek to convert the reader to a granola hippie lifestyle. It only seeks to ask you some important questions about what you want:

Do you want to support smaller and/or more Nature conscious companies who list their fragrance-giving ingredients?

Do you want to spend the extra money to support a true perfume Artisan, who makes their own formulas?

Do you want to know what you’re putting on your body day after day?

If your answer was yes or at least that you were curious about this, why not check your local area to see if there are those who make their own body products? Or maybe this will peak your curiosity enough to learn more on your own.

Or just maybe it’s why you’re here at Haumea