Essential oils or substitutes for those who love Hawai’i

There’s been a definite shift for all natural products or at the very least mostly natural products. To see this shift we need only to look at the ingredients list for many popular bath and body products. But what do you really know about ‘essential oils‘? If you key in ‘essential oils’ into Google or Bing there are literally millions of hits. Sadly for those of us living and loving Hawai’i, you won’t find Plumeria essential oil, Puakenikeni essential oil, or really any Hawaii essential oils. Those listed below can be great substitues, a fun surprise, and/or very pleasing to those who love the scents of Hawai’i.

Just a few of my own Essential Oils

Chun Pei Mui candy from China Town or Crack Seed is delicious to eat but if you ever want a reminder of that smell try Amyris Sandalwood Essential Oil. You may not want to smell like Chun Pei Mui but it will definitely put a smile on your face if you’re far from home.

Lei Shops are all around Hawai’i.  From the moment you walk into a lei shop the scents of all the leis inside wash over you, as if to welcome you in unison. Bergamot Essential captures this scent even though it is a light citrus top note.

Mango doesn’t have an essential oil however, Juniper Berry Essential Oil (in the right amount) can smell just like fresh cut Mango.

Pikake is a type of Jasmine. Jasmine essential oil blend (Jasmine Essential Oil/Absolute is very expensive) can be a wonderful addition to most body products.