Salt Scrubs

This was a tester batch for myself.

Salt Scrubs:

Our Salt Scrubs are a combination of Salt, Liquid Oils (ie. Grapeseed Oil), and Essential Oils.  Each Salt Scrub comes in a white 16 fl oz container.  Currently Sweet Citrus Salt Scrub is the only one available for sale but more will be coming soon.

To use a Salt Scrub open the container and take the desired amount, usually only about a quarter sized amount is enough.  Rub the Salt Scrub in a circular motion into the skin, be careful not to scrub roughly or repeatedly in a single area.  I always recommend spot testing a Salt Scrub on a small patch of skin in case of any sensitivities.  Recommended areas include the feet or elbows.

Also please be aware that your tub may become slippery after use since this scrub does contain oil.

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