Simply Hawaiian

Our newest line pays homage to my Hawaiian heritage by using ingredients that are derived from only Hawaii.  Kukui Nut Butter and Oil along with Hawaii Pa’akai (Sea Salt) are among just a few of the simple yet powerful ingredients.

Some of the body products in this line include a Kukui Nut Balm, a Pa’akai (Hawaii Sea Salt) Scrub, and a Kukui Nut Massage Oil.

A Solid Lotion with one of our Hapu'u fern in the background.

The ingredients are simple and are not scented with Essential Oils not found in Hawaii.  Many of our other products are scented with Essential Oils from all over the World, but it was my goal to create something simple and completely Hawaiian.  I hope those who choose to try this line can feel the Mana (power) in these ingredients.

Malama Pono,

Lahela Nihipali

Creator of Haumea Botanicals