Dry Skin?

Maybe it’s time to look into a more Natural alternative.  The Solid Lotions at Haumea Botanicals are made with Aloe Butter to help soften tough skin without leaving you feeling oily.  Our bars are also made with Kukui Nut Oil to improve elasticity of your skin.

Some feel that the Natural way of doing things takes too long and isn’t good for that ‘quick fix’.  However, ask yourself–How many times a day, a week, a month do you use that quick fix cosmetic?  And how many years have you been using it?  Here at Haumea Botanicals we try to provide a different way of caring for yourself than the status quo.  And honestly, even if a company provides you a 20 year study, can that really compare to centuries of use by Native Peoples around the World?  Go Green, Go Natural, Go Healthy.

A Mo'o (gecko) dropped by the check out my Solid Lotion.



Creator of Haumea Botanicals LLC