New Magickal Line

Haumea Botanicals is proud to finally present a new line of Magickal Products for Witches and Pagans.  Focusing on the magickal needs of Modern Pagans, our new lines offer fire and smoke free products that are just as effective as candles and incense.

If you’re anything like me you want to Honor your God(s)/Goddess(es) without having to run the risk of setting your sacred space, or home on fire.  Candles, safe in the hands of mindful adults, have been the choice of many people in many religions as tools of thoughtful devotion.  This can present a problem for many Modern Pagans, or indeed most people now-a-days, because keeping a watchful eye on a burning candle is increasingly difficult with all the responsibilities and distractions in our daily lives.  In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association from 2003-2007 an average of 42 home candle fires were reported per day.  While these figures have gone down since that time, statistics don’t make much difference to someone who’s had their home damaged by fire or even burnt to the ground.

This is why my latest practical products include, Spell Bars and Altar Sprays.

Spell Bars are based on the same basic formula as my Scented Solids but the essential oils used to make them correspond to different intents.  Also, since Spell Bars are solid lotions you need only warm them in your hand and apply to your skin*.  Now instead of burning different herbs on charcoal blocks or candles, you can bless and/or charge a Spell Bar.  A Spell Bar gives Witches and Pagans a way to carry out their spell or working while still adhering to the principle of releasing the energy to do it’s business.  The bar will slowly melt away as you use it, freeing the energy to complete it’s task.  Best of all it’s discrete, fire-free, and compact.

Altar Sprays are something that I’m particularly proud of, as I’ve been using them for a while and can now finally share them.  It’s a wonderful combination of Hawaii Water and various essential oils.  Simply spritz the Altar Spray over or around your sacred space, after shaking the bottle vigorously.  You can use this as an alternative to smudging or burning incense if you are cleansing or purifying your space.  Another great way to Honor your God(s)/Goddess(es) is to use these sprays as offerings that don’t smoke up the room.  For myself, I like that I don’t have to worry about my cats knocking over a devotional candle or a strong wind tossing embers and ash off of a charcoal block.  I think this is perfect for Pagan families who want to include their children in ritual but hesitate because of access to an open flame.

My new Magickal Lines are designed with the Modern Pagan or Witch in mind.  These products are made to give Witches and Pagans options with regards to how, when, and where we practice our own faith paths while taking into account our very modern lives.

Lady Bless,


Creator of Haumea Botanicals LLC

*For external use only.  Avoid using the bar in or around the eyes.


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