Butter Parfum

Butter Parfum is our newest most luscious line. This all natural perfume is made from the finest natural ingredients and blended in Hawaiʻi by hand. The twist-top tin is easy to carry or put in a purse but strong enough to resist damage or overheating. Kukui Nut, which is endemic to Hawaiʻi, has been known for centuries for it’s many useful properties. The Kukui Nut tree can be used for dying fabric, lighting homes, creating tattoo ink, etc. Most famously Kukui Nut was used as a body oil for the Aliʻi, or Royals.


Forest Mist Butter Parfum


The Beeswax used (in all our products) is purchased from a community of Beekeepers, located within the United States, to ensure ethical and efficient practices. This soft blend of Kukui Nut Butter & Beeswax provides a creamy base for our Essential Oil blends. These blends are created in-house, not purchased from some giant re-seller. When you receive your Butter Parfum, you know that you are not only getting an all natural non-chemical product, but you are also supporting families & small businesses.


Lavender Butter Parfum in Red Ti Leaf


We appreciate and reward your loyalty by never doing turn around sales of someone else’s products with our labels slapped on it. Each blend and potion is unique, each created here in our home and tested on our family members first before ever reaching your hands. This is what we mean when we say From our magickal home to yours.

Mahalo nui loa!

New Labels & New Locations!

I’ve waited until after the Witch’s New Year to really share all the hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes at Haumea Botanicals. I am proud to announce not only beautiful labels, but also a new retailer where you can find my Magickal products!

New labels & new bottles!

It’s been a long and hard path but I’m happy to announce that you can now find select Spell Bars, Altar Sprays, & Bewitching Mists at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia. If you live in the area or are planning a trip to Atlanta, why not check out the amazing Phoenix & Dragon? It’s a great opportunity to support a local Pagan shop as well as a Pagan businesswoman. Many thanks to Heather of Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore for loving my samples enough to take my products on board.

Lovingly created and all hand done.

If you are a Pagan business, small or large, and want to list my products definitely contact me at info@haumeabotanicals.com to receive a pricing list and information on obtaining samples.

Mahalo Nui Loa & Lady Bless,

Lahela Nihipali, a.k.a. Lamyka

Kukui Nut scrub: A Hawaiian twist on an old recipe

Most recipes on the internet for body or facial scrubs will say to use anything from Shea oil to regular canola oil. Why not try switching out the same old oil for something a little more Hawaiian? Kukui Nut is a well loved and beautiful tree in Hawai’i that you see just about anywhere in the islands. It’s mostly known for its inclusion in Inamona, a condiment for certain types of Poke (Poh-kay). However, Kukui Nut is also known for its high quality oil which was rubbed on the bodies of Ali’i (ruling chiefs). The Ali’i were not the only ones privy to the many uses of Kukui Nut and even today this tree, with it’s name derived from the word for enlightenment, has a bright place in the modern world.

Kukui Nut leaf in my Garden bird bath.

Kukui Nut oil still remains labour intensive and can be quite pricey. So if you would like to try this I’d recommend finding a wholesaler to purchase your own Kukui Nut oil. Below is a basic recipe I personally use and recommend for anyone who wants to try something new. Please remember to do a spot check before using any new body product. Also, because this does contain oil please be careful as your tub or sink may become slippery.

Basic Soft* Kukui Nut Oil Scrub:

  1. Gather approx. 1-2 cups plain oats, 2-3 sprigs of Rosemary (or a couple dashes of Rosemary), 1 cup of Water, 1/4 cup Kukui Nut Oil.
  2. Put the kettle on with the water and sprigs of Rosemary. Keep on low heat to let steep.
  3. Place oats in a blender.
  4. Let the Rosemary tea steep until the water is no longer clear. (But not too dark a tea!)
  5. Pour warm Rosemary tea, sprigs and all, onto the oats in the blender.
  6. Cover blender and put on medium for 10-30 seconds until well blended.
  7. Add a little Kukui Nut Oil and blend on low. Repeat until the scrub is smooth but not runny.

*My personal scrub is done with Pa’akai (Hawaiian Sea Salt) not oats, which is fine for my body, but can be much too rough for most people.

Hawaiian Paʻakai

Hawaiian Pa’akai translates to Hawaiian Sea Salt.  To simply translate the word Pa’akai from Hawaiian to English doesn’t do this ancient tradition justice.  Below is the Mo’olelo or Story of how the skill of harvesting Salt from the Ocean came to be.

Hi’iaka a young woman from Hanapepe often traveled to the shores of ‘Ukula to fish and gather food from the sea.  One day, Hi’iaka had caught too many fish.  Even after giving away portions of her catch to family, friends, and strangers she still had much left.  Feeling bad for taking far more then she had needed, she began to cry.

At that moment an elderly woman appeared to console her.  The woman took Hi’iaka’s hand assuring her that she would help. “Come with me,” she said and lead Hi’iaka to an area just beyond the beach.  She began to dig a pit in the ground until it filled up with water that came up from within the earth.  “Put your fish in here for a little while, then dry it out in the sun,” the woman told her.  The old woman explained to Hi’iaka how the salt from the ocean spring would help preserve the rest of her catch.

The first salt is said to have come from Hi’iaka tears as her earnest nature endeared her to the Gods.  The old woman in some versions of this story is referred to as Pele.

This marked the beginning of the famous Lo’i Pa’akai of ‘Ukula at Hanapepe.  From that day on, the knowledge of farming Hawaiian Salt was spread among Hawaiian People and still thrives strong today.

My thanks to Hawai’i Pa’akai for providing the Mo’olelo.  I always encourage people to be aware of what they are buying and where it comes from.  Hawaiian Pa’akai will soon be featured as an ingredient of my scrubs I hope with this article my customers can appreciate not just the wonderful feeling after using my product but also the history behind it’s ingredients.

Hawaiian Pa’akai History & Process Video

If you have any questions click on the link for Hawai’i Pa’akai to see how Pa’akai is still being traditionally made by Hawaiian Families on the island of Kauai.

Lo'i Pa'akai of Kauai


For those ordering Scented Solids, they’re being made with Beeswax from eBeeHoney.com, a Family run Honey business in Ohio. You can smell and feel the difference!  Here’s just some of their information.

Glenn & Becky Magrum:

About our farm: Our farm is located in Ashland OH.  We’ve been in the honey business for 15 years now.  The first couple of years, we were selling honey to folks close to us.  As more and more folks contacted us for honey, we decided that we needed a webpage to make it easier for these folks to simply order online from us.  I design and maintain our webpage and Glenn maintains the beehives.

This is Comb Honey from the 2010 Harvest

About Us: Glenn started beekeeping full time when our daughter was born as we wanted one of us to be around for her during the day.  Glenn has a doctorate in Organic Chemistry and I have a B.S. in Biology so we both love being around bees.

The beekeeping business is hard heavy work.  However, watching bees at work is extraordinary and quite relaxing.  Watching our bees in action on a warm sunny day while walking around our property trying to determine what they are drawn to is fun to do.  Each year the taste of our honey varieties differs depending on what plants are producing the best pollen and nectar sources that year.  Sometimes on nice sunny days, we’ll be out taking supers off the hives and “playing” with the bees.)))  Or now and then someone will call with a bee swarm and off one of us must go – sort of like “beeing” a fireman.

I’d like to say a big Mahalo to Glenn and Becky.  When I started looking for a new supplier of beeswax I was nervous I’d never find a small supplier that is as reliable as large wholesalers.  My fears were put to rest once I realized how friendly and professional Glenn & Becky are.  I’m used to waiting 2-3 business days for a response that’s often times automatically generated.  This is supposed to be acceptable but in reality if the automated response doesn’t match what you need help with, another 2-3 days maybe even 1 week can be lost trying to speak to someone directly.  I had an enquiry about my order at eBeeHoney.com and in only a day they got back to me with all the information I needed, not to mention offering to help in any other questions I might have.

If you get a chance please go and check out eBeeHoney.com for all the lovely honey related products they sell.  My personal favorite is the honey sticks!