Butter Parfum

Butter Parfum is our newest most luscious line. This all natural perfume is made from the finest natural ingredients and blended in Hawaiʻi by hand. The twist-top tin is easy to carry or put in a purse but strong enough to resist damage or overheating. Kukui Nut, which is endemic to Hawaiʻi, has been known for centuries for it’s many useful properties. The Kukui Nut tree can be used for dying fabric, lighting homes, creating tattoo ink, etc. Most famously Kukui Nut was used as a body oil for the Aliʻi, or Royals.


Forest Mist Butter Parfum


The Beeswax used (in all our products) is purchased from a community of Beekeepers, located within the United States, to ensure ethical and efficient practices. This soft blend of Kukui Nut Butter & Beeswax provides a creamy base for our Essential Oil blends. These blends are created in-house, not purchased from some giant re-seller. When you receive your Butter Parfum, you know that you are not only getting an all natural non-chemical product, but you are also supporting families & small businesses.


Lavender Butter Parfum in Red Ti Leaf


We appreciate and reward your loyalty by never doing turn around sales of someone else’s products with our labels slapped on it. Each blend and potion is unique, each created here in our home and tested on our family members first before ever reaching your hands. This is what we mean when we say From our magickal home to yours.

Mahalo nui loa!

Retailer & Customer Outreach

With my products now on the shelves of Phoenix& Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia I’d like to reach out to other Pagan stores out there who might be looking for new and unique products! If you are a business owner and would like to receive a sample pack please contact me directly at info@haumeabotanicals.com or through the contact page.

Sample packs include (sample size) 2 Spell Bars, 1 Altar Spray, & 1 Bewitching Mist.

The sample pack includes the above pictured, however only in sample pack sizes. Retailers can choose the bars or sprays they would like, though so far the ones you see are most popular.
If you’re a customer and have enjoyed my products then by all means spread the word! Go to your local Pagan shop and ask about my products or share my website with them. Who knows, if you share about my products maybe you might soon find my Spell Bars or Bewitching Mists on the shelves of your favorite shop! Another way you can help is to go to the Facebook Fan Page and leave a review or comment. If you’d like to see your Voice on the website, hop over to the Contact Page and send your thoughts to me directly.

New Labels & New Locations!

I’ve waited until after the Witch’s New Year to really share all the hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes at Haumea Botanicals. I am proud to announce not only beautiful labels, but also a new retailer where you can find my Magickal products!

New labels & new bottles!

It’s been a long and hard path but I’m happy to announce that you can now find select Spell Bars, Altar Sprays, & Bewitching Mists at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia. If you live in the area or are planning a trip to Atlanta, why not check out the amazing Phoenix & Dragon? It’s a great opportunity to support a local Pagan shop as well as a Pagan businesswoman. Many thanks to Heather of Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore for loving my samples enough to take my products on board.

Lovingly created and all hand done.

If you are a Pagan business, small or large, and want to list my products definitely contact me at info@haumeabotanicals.com to receive a pricing list and information on obtaining samples.

Mahalo Nui Loa & Lady Bless,

Lahela Nihipali, a.k.a. Lamyka

Ingredients: Artisan or fragrance specialist created?

In the world of alcoholic drinks and flying bottles, it’s innovative drinks that makes the bartender more than just ‘that person who poured my beer’. This ethic of qualiy versus obsession of person is what used to define the perfuming masters. However with the general practice of mass production and assembly line mentality the delicate ingredient mix of perfumes are now cranked out in mass quanity. This may have been a great success of the industrial age but it has been to the detriment of many perfume artisans throughout the world.

As patrons and customers who are surrounded by scented products, beauty or body related, or otherwise, we are barraged with an assault on our olfactory abilities. More often than not these volleys of smell are labeled ‘Fragrance’ with no more explanation than that. Here is an exercise for the unbelieving, go grab your favorite body and/or cosmetic products. Look at the back label of ingredients. If you’ve made the conscious choice to support companies who use natural products you’ll find that the essential oils, etc. used to create, smell are generally listed. If you support larger companies who as yet still try to outwit Nature you’ll notice only the word ‘Fragrance’ or chemical derivations.

As a consumer you have the unique opportunity to show your support or lack thereof with every single penny that you put into purchasing a product. This article doesn’t seek to convert the reader to a granola hippie lifestyle. It only seeks to ask you some important questions about what you want:

Do you want to support smaller and/or more Nature conscious companies who list their fragrance-giving ingredients?

Do you want to spend the extra money to support a true perfume Artisan, who makes their own formulas?

Do you want to know what you’re putting on your body day after day?

If your answer was yes or at least that you were curious about this, why not check your local area to see if there are those who make their own body products? Or maybe this will peak your curiosity enough to learn more on your own.

Or just maybe it’s why you’re here at Haumea Botanicals.com

Essential oils or substitutes for those who love Hawai’i

There’s been a definite shift for all natural products or at the very least mostly natural products. To see this shift we need only to look at the ingredients list for many popular bath and body products. But what do you really know about ‘essential oils‘? If you key in ‘essential oils’ into Google or Bing there are literally millions of hits. Sadly for those of us living and loving Hawai’i, you won’t find Plumeria essential oil, Puakenikeni essential oil, or really any Hawaii essential oils. Those listed below can be great substitues, a fun surprise, and/or very pleasing to those who love the scents of Hawai’i.

Just a few of my own Essential Oils

Chun Pei Mui candy from China Town or Crack Seed is delicious to eat but if you ever want a reminder of that smell try Amyris Sandalwood Essential Oil. You may not want to smell like Chun Pei Mui but it will definitely put a smile on your face if you’re far from home.

Lei Shops are all around Hawai’i.  From the moment you walk into a lei shop the scents of all the leis inside wash over you, as if to welcome you in unison. Bergamot Essential captures this scent even though it is a light citrus top note.

Mango doesn’t have an essential oil however, Juniper Berry Essential Oil (in the right amount) can smell just like fresh cut Mango.

Pikake is a type of Jasmine. Jasmine essential oil blend (Jasmine Essential Oil/Absolute is very expensive) can be a wonderful addition to most body products.

Kukui Nut scrub: A Hawaiian twist on an old recipe

Most recipes on the internet for body or facial scrubs will say to use anything from Shea oil to regular canola oil. Why not try switching out the same old oil for something a little more Hawaiian? Kukui Nut is a well loved and beautiful tree in Hawai’i that you see just about anywhere in the islands. It’s mostly known for its inclusion in Inamona, a condiment for certain types of Poke (Poh-kay). However, Kukui Nut is also known for its high quality oil which was rubbed on the bodies of Ali’i (ruling chiefs). The Ali’i were not the only ones privy to the many uses of Kukui Nut and even today this tree, with it’s name derived from the word for enlightenment, has a bright place in the modern world.

Kukui Nut leaf in my Garden bird bath.

Kukui Nut oil still remains labour intensive and can be quite pricey. So if you would like to try this I’d recommend finding a wholesaler to purchase your own Kukui Nut oil. Below is a basic recipe I personally use and recommend for anyone who wants to try something new. Please remember to do a spot check before using any new body product. Also, because this does contain oil please be careful as your tub or sink may become slippery.

Basic Soft* Kukui Nut Oil Scrub:

  1. Gather approx. 1-2 cups plain oats, 2-3 sprigs of Rosemary (or a couple dashes of Rosemary), 1 cup of Water, 1/4 cup Kukui Nut Oil.
  2. Put the kettle on with the water and sprigs of Rosemary. Keep on low heat to let steep.
  3. Place oats in a blender.
  4. Let the Rosemary tea steep until the water is no longer clear. (But not too dark a tea!)
  5. Pour warm Rosemary tea, sprigs and all, onto the oats in the blender.
  6. Cover blender and put on medium for 10-30 seconds until well blended.
  7. Add a little Kukui Nut Oil and blend on low. Repeat until the scrub is smooth but not runny.

*My personal scrub is done with Pa’akai (Hawaiian Sea Salt) not oats, which is fine for my body, but can be much too rough for most people.

Simply Hawaiian

Our newest line pays homage to my Hawaiian heritage by using ingredients that are derived from only Hawaii.  Kukui Nut Butter and Oil along with Hawaii Pa’akai (Sea Salt) are among just a few of the simple yet powerful ingredients.

Some of the body products in this line include a Kukui Nut Balm, a Pa’akai (Hawaii Sea Salt) Scrub, and a Kukui Nut Massage Oil.

A Solid Lotion with one of our Hapu'u fern in the background.

The ingredients are simple and are not scented with Essential Oils not found in Hawaii.  Many of our other products are scented with Essential Oils from all over the World, but it was my goal to create something simple and completely Hawaiian.  I hope those who choose to try this line can feel the Mana (power) in these ingredients.

Malama Pono,

Lahela Nihipali

Creator of Haumea Botanicals

Wax Melts

Warm and welcoming.  That’s what most of us want when we walk into our home or family room.  With Wax Melts you can have that without worrying about keeping your eyes on lit candles.

Wax Melt on an electric candle warmer.

Wax Melts also come in a Magickal variety with Spell Melts, the fire and smoke free way to conduct your spells*.  Simply set the Spell Melt on your electric candle warmer and let it slowly release it’s scent into the air as you cast circle, pray, or celebrate the seasons.



Creator of Haumea Botanicals LLC

*Spell Melts are not are not charged or blessed. We leave that up to our customers.

Dry Skin?

Maybe it’s time to look into a more Natural alternative.  The Solid Lotions at Haumea Botanicals are made with Aloe Butter to help soften tough skin without leaving you feeling oily.  Our bars are also made with Kukui Nut Oil to improve elasticity of your skin.

Some feel that the Natural way of doing things takes too long and isn’t good for that ‘quick fix’.  However, ask yourself–How many times a day, a week, a month do you use that quick fix cosmetic?  And how many years have you been using it?  Here at Haumea Botanicals we try to provide a different way of caring for yourself than the status quo.  And honestly, even if a company provides you a 20 year study, can that really compare to centuries of use by Native Peoples around the World?  Go Green, Go Natural, Go Healthy.

A Mo'o (gecko) dropped by the check out my Solid Lotion.



Creator of Haumea Botanicals LLC


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