Butter Parfum

Butter Parfum is our newest most luscious line. This all natural perfume is made from the finest natural ingredients and blended in Hawaiʻi by hand. The twist-top tin is easy to carry or put in a purse but strong enough to resist damage or overheating. Kukui Nut, which is endemic to Hawaiʻi, has been known… [Read more…]


Retailer & Customer Outreach

With my products now on the shelves of Phoenix& Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia I’d like to reach out to other Pagan stores out there who might be looking for new and unique products! If you are a business owner and would like to receive a sample pack please contact me directly at info@haumeabotanicals.com or through… [Read more…]


New Labels & New Locations!

I’ve waited until after the Witch’s New Year to really share all the hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes at Haumea Botanicals. I am proud to announce not only beautiful labels, but also a new retailer where you can find my Magickal products! It’s been a long and hard path but I’m… [Read more…]


Simply Hawaiian

Our newest line pays homage to my Hawaiian heritage by using ingredients that are derived from only Hawaii.  Kukui Nut Butter and Oil along with Hawaii Pa’akai (Sea Salt) are among just a few of the simple yet powerful ingredients. Some of the body products in this line include a Kukui Nut Balm, a Pa’akai… [Read more…]


Wax Melts

Warm and welcoming.  That’s what most of us want when we walk into our home or family room.  With Wax Melts you can have that without worrying about keeping your eyes on lit candles. Wax Melts also come in a Magickal variety with Spell Melts, the fire and smoke free way to conduct your spells*.… [Read more…]

Wax Melt on an electric candle warmer.